“The Heart Way in Chinese Medicine: Ancient Wisdom, Transforming Alchemy and Daoist Spirituality”


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Discover the Spiritual Aspects of Chinese Medicine and...

... Gain a deeper understanding of the Heart and Shen conncetion of the Ancient Healing Tradition


... Focus on the inner journey and on transforming the energy blocks within at the root level


... Learn about the importance of the relationship between the patient and the practitioner in your sacred space of healing


... Gain transformational wisdom and insights that will expand your consciousness and that will teach you the importance of intuition and intension 


 .... Ignite “The Healer and the Shaman” within you by understanding the lineage of tradition you belong to

“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
mastering yourself is true power.”

― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


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