3-Month VIP Journey

Individual healings session for you who are ready for a deep transforming healing with powerful insights and clear messages through the tools like facial reading, shamanic drum travel and healing of the heart.
You're ready to take the next step, you know there's a change that you need healing of your heart to get even more in touch with your soul and why you, like human beings there in life where you are right now.
Your face is an open book that reflects your life trip and together we open the door of your soul by knocking on the heart door. The Shamanic drum journey is used to retrieve messages, insights, and souls back home, so the deep healing and transformation you are so keen on can be done.
I will love to support you in your healing process so you can get rid of what keeps you back from living your life fully and in harmony with your heart and your soul.
With all my heart I send you a sweet smile and wish you only the best.
Marian, Shaman, and Healer of The Heart Way
"Your heart is the emperor and your head must only follow"

1:1 Soul Healing Session with the right modality that fits your life situation right here and now, which we will decide on as the session goes along or it will form itself open up what is important for you as you share what you have on your Heart.



1:1 Soul Healing sessions for a process over 4 months as you know in your Heart that you are ready to go through a process facing what is blocking you for being in Soul Peace and in Flow with life. We here use different modalities from session to session and in the first session we do a face reading to see what your facial map reveals about your life.

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